• How do I compress an image? Drag and drop the image file you want to compress to any position on the screen and then it will be uploaded for the image compression. After the compression is completed, the file will be stored in your personal computer or your mobile device. It is just a one-step process.
  • What is the image quality after the compression? img.top smart image compression engine could reduce the image file bytes by about 75% averagely, and the difference with the original picture could not be distinguished by the naked eyes. The images' quality and file size will be at their best level after compression.
  • How about my image file privacy? In order to guarantee the best privacy of your images, all your image files will be permanently deleted from the img.top's server within 1 hr after compression. The downloadable file link will be invalid as well.
  • How is the compatibility of the compressed image file? Based on the deep learning and image recognition, img.top uses the smart lossy compression algorithm to selectively compress images which could be consistent with the original image without damaging the images' format. But we keep it simple and compatible for all operating systems.
  • Is it necessary to have a high-speed computer to use img.top compression? img.top completes the entire compression process on the server side by only using your browser without increasing any workload of your computer. The only thing you need to do is making sure your computer is connected to Internet.
  • Who needs img.top service? img.top is a must-have tool for UI designer, graphic designer, client / front development engineer. It is also fit for editor, photographer, shop, personal blogger and anyone who are details-oriented designers.
  • Does img.top have a desktop software? img.top is based entirely on the browser running the WEB program and the whole process of the image compression is processed online.There is no desktop software available now.
  • What are the payment methods to upgrade to img.top Pro? Currently we supports Paypal, Alipay and WeChat payment.

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